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Love is the most beautiful feeling anyone can feel, it is a clear abbreviation of the word of life, when a person meets a loved one is very happy and happy, and love also teaches us a lot of things He teaches us not to lose hope and teaches us that nothing is impossible with love, The most beautiful thing that many expect is to start his life with love and marriage and live a happy life. This is the end that Gemayel hopes to reach, so we offer you in the dream site one of the most beautiful romantic stories that show us that love does not know the impossible, we hope you like these stories And to get your admiration.

Back to the beloved

The story takes place between a young man and a girl named Ahmed and the girl called Samar, and they were studying together in the same university, and one day Ahmed went to a lecture in French. All the seats were full of students. There was only an empty seat next to a girl. Because she was very beautiful and her hair is soft and long and black color, and Ahmed wished to recognize it, but he was ashamed to speak to her.
One day after the end of the lectures, he turned to her and asked her about the lecture she missed and took the lecture book, and the days passed and Ahmed was deliberately sitting next to her in all lectures, and he wished to give her any help, and began to get closer to them day after day and incursion Love in his heart, so he did not think only of them, and she was considered a friend of her, and continued relationship between them on this case without Tarsarha love him.
One day, Samar came to Ahmed and she was sad and cried and complained to him about her boyfriend who betrayed her and left her. She asked Ahmed to stay with her these days and did not leave her alone. Ahmed took her to try to make her smile in any way, He was watching romantic films, taking her on trips to get her out of grief, and they were constantly walking around the garden, bringing her many gifts, until the school year was over. Graduation came, and when the party ended, Samar told him that she had spent time with him He also told her about his love for her but she was ashamed and went home quickly.

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One day, her phone rang and I found Ahmed talking. Ahmad wanted to invite Samar to dinner. Samar agreed and met. After supper, she again declared his love for her. But she also recognized her love for Ahmed. They exchanged the same feeling. He told her about his journey. When I heard this news, when Ahmed traveled, he always spoke to her over the phone and over the Internet. The days passed and a relative came to Samar’s sermon. She did not agree with it. After her parents were forced to agree, Samar agreed. The news and sorrow was very sad, and after 3 months of her sermon she left the person who preached it, and when Ahmed learned The Samaritans agreed and welcomed him, because they found him the appropriate groom for their daughter, and continued their engagement for a full year, and after the completion of the year, married Ahmed and Samar and Safra together out of the country, and lived together life Happy and beautiful.

Back to the beloved

At the end of this interesting story we must know that when love between any two is very strong, it is able to conquer any circumstances, who loves honestly will do anything to reach those who love whatever obstacles and circumstances, this teaches us love to sacrifice for the sake of We love to feel good about ourselves. Surrender is not a word of love. We hope you enjoyed this story and that you have been impressed and waited for more romantic love stories.

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