Curse of the stories of angry ghosts Part I

Curse of the stories of angry ghosts Part I

The story of the day is a very strange and scary story

. It speaks of the revenge of the ghost who is

stranded on the ground and wants to be saved,

but he does not want to take revenge. Can still be stuck right to the ground and not yet back, we present to you today a realistic story of the site of real stories entitled the curse of Saleh Part I.
Damn the first part Curse of what this treachery, Khaled, do you believe in those myths, man?

Curse of good, O Murad, you hear my friend and this is not his sheep believe me that he cursed before being killed
Here Murad burst out laughing:

Believe me, there is no curse except in your worn head, my friend, which makes you sell your apartment, less than half the price for those myths and illusions. It is an apartment that will not compensate, in an excellent place and close to the sea.

You do not know anything Mourad I saw with my eyes day, and almost kill me swear to you is not illusions or fantasies, as you think maybe if someone told me that story I would not believe it without what I saw with my eyes

I and my family day and if I imagine what about my wife still can not sleep and live only sedatives and children have become attached to us can not sleep on their own to day wet their bed every day, despite the passage of more than three months on the incident.

Here Murad looked at him:To this degree, my friend, I am not convinced of this strange and useful words
What happened in Alexandria, Khalid, made you insist on selling the apartment quickly and at half the price?
Khaled looked wildly at the eyes of a friend and said in a strange voice:

It is a good curse, Murad of his curse, which made the inhabitants of Amara leave one by one, and here Khalid took a deep breath and closed his eyes strongly and began to tell what happened to him three months ago
In his last visit to Alexandria.

You know that I bought that apartment three years ago and was a new building was not completed and installed and brush I used to go to it every year to spend the summer vacation and sometimes on holidays and official holidays I was running away from the hustle and heat in Cairo and things were going well and there are no problems, that This happened in the last visit to Alexandria three months ago. My family and I went to spend the holiday week. We went to Amarah. It was deserted and its entrance was dark and gloomy. Most of the residents have left until the guard of the building has left and left his place empty, and there are many advertisements at the entrance to the building to sell the remaining apartments. Very few r.

I was surprised by the order but I did not comment and went up to the apartment and here opened the door of the apartment opposite us an annoying squeak source and an elderly lady came out with panic … looked at us with admiration and we kissed her greeting and peace but did not reply but closed the door of her apartment violently in our faces and entered the speed of her apartment did not hang We know the elderly and their movements and their strange behavior when they grow older and are hiding?

In the evening and after midnight my wife took me violently and screamed hysteria and told me that someone outside had seen the imagination of someone passing in front of the room and the sound of things crashing out.
I said to her trying to calm down:Perhaps one of the boys, Soad, do not be afraid, do not be afraid, there is no one, and here indicated her hands in horror, children have been afraid to sleep on their own Fatuwa and slept with them on the other bed in the room and here I felt nervous my friend do not hide on you I know my wife is not the kind of women who fancy I did not find anything so as not to be afraid in front of her. I increased her fear and tension. I took one of the heavy objects from the side of the bed and went quietly looking for the apartment. I did not find anyone. I entered the kitchen and was shocked when I saw there.

All the pots in the kitchen were smashed on the ground and here I glimpsed it with the tip of my eye running something black like someone was running faster, so I panicked and tried to find him, I could not find anyone, the door was open, was he a thief and fled? From the foundation and resort and why today, we have not entered a year ago and was closed, who finds a better day than stolen, but today this stupid?

So I went and closed the door of the apartment and I trembled I tried to reassure Suad loud voice It was collapsed from crying and .. Before I go to the bedroom I felt who pushed me back strongly …
I fell on my face violently and felt very cold as if someone was standing on my back …
I felt suffocated with anxiety and panic … I tried to scream and distress my wife … My screams did not come out
I did not come out … I did not have the strength to do anything … I gathered my strength and cried to Suad with pain .
Here came Suad Haya and the children after they awoke from the cry of the mother and her wailing ….
Suad cried out in horror when I saw: What happened, Khaled? Are you okay and helped me to raise the difficulty, and here I looked at her and I did not talk, I know that there is someone else in the apartment but not human I know and I will not say anything so as not to stress it and the boys went and opened the Koran and took the Koran read what I kept from the book of God I spoke about the subject, but I reassured my wife and children that there is nothing to call the fear and went and slept, and did not sleep or close my eyelids and I thought about it so why residents abandoned their apartments and offered them for sale at prices below the price.

And in the morning went my wife and children to buy some of the purposes of the market and I went to knock the door on my neighbor and asked the elderly what is happening but did not open the door and I hit the bell and the door strongly together, I know that inside the voice of the Koran broadcast high and the smell of incense graduated from the apartment took the most accurate door Violently with both hands and Warren bell until the old man opened the door to me and looked at me with a panic saying:Is your visit good, my son?
And here I looked at her surprised I do not understand what you are talking to I said to her:

What are you talking about and who is Saleh?

I visited you yesterday, my son … I see this in your eyes …?

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