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Demon and Angel after amendment Part II

He woke up with panic and his lusts grew louder and louder and found beside him a man who did not expect his presence and who is our champion.

She wore a black dress that showed her like a princess, leaving her hair down on her shoulders and she put a collar

Jeweled to decorate her hair, and the neck of her neck a simple earring increased by sedition.

He gazed at it for a long time and it happens itself: ah, how can it and the moon be present in one universe?

While she noticed her shouts and stared at her, she said with compassion:

“What’s your Harry?”

He shook his head to the right and left as if away from all the ideas that lead him when he saw her and said bashfully:

“Who let you in here?”

“I came in …”

Cut it sharply:

“Get out now”

She said:

“I was wrong when I decided to thank you”

He went out and got up for a shower, maybe the water wiped that nightmare out of his head.

Before she came, she woke up to find Zain sleeping on a chair in front of her and her clothes were not the ones she was wearing.

Demon and Angel after amendment Part II
Demon and Angel after amendment Part II

She began to move quietly:

“Zain woke up”

Screamed :


He fell from the chair while she innocently laughed because of his shape.

“What do you want, annoying?”

“I was not in your room, and you were not asleep in the chair, and I did not remember that I was wearing those clothes, and what happened to me …”

He shouted:

“Can you put a little finger on me? Let me explain to you”

I turned her eyes in annoyance and Abizaid is:

“What happened yesterday that Isis tried to kill you William brought you here, and changed your clothes because it was full of blood, and I sleep on the chair to rest in your sleep, well finished enough questions”

A small churn came out of her:

A small churn came out of her:

“Are you replacing me with my clothes?”

He said quickly:

“I swear I closed the lights” 18

“What did you do with Isis?”

“Harry killed her”

“Where were you?”

” I was sleeping “

He simply said it and went to the door in preparation for the exit while his voice stopped:

” Wait “

Then he went back and carried a box in his hand.

“I wore this to one of my friends, I hope you like it”

It is said that you want to know Rai
One of them in you to stir up his anger

I live in terror for someone like me
I think it is not a life
But hell!
What I think and not in mind!
“Signed between the demons of demons”
How do I run?
who are they ?
Just because I am

It’s hard to do anything stupid
But it is wonderful to find this thing beautiful thing happened to you in your life ♥!

Everyone has a secret .. right?
The secret is not to be known to anyone! But what if someone happened to know it?
Take Jade as an example .. On a cold winter night when she was walking home after she finished her job, I heard a scream.
There was no one in the neighborhood, not at this time of night.
She was alone, she decided to ignore the screams but she !! I heard him again, followed the sound that led her to a nearby park.
What will happen when you see something you should not have seen? What happens if people who do the horrific acts know that they have seen them? And what will happen if they are the young people of every girl around the world know their name !!

“Love a pile of wisdom, embrace you, and make you much higher, to expect and break up much more than you were destroyed.”

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
This is my first story in Arabic and some of the events are based on stories on the ground. I hope with all my heart that you will like it
We all have fears and within each of us a monster, but can each of us control that monster or face its fears?
There are those who kill that monster and there are those who kill the beast, but see Can Renada overcome it or will be able to fear it !!
Written by: Rowan Mohammad

She opened the box and murmured admiringly:

” how beautiful it is “

“Thanks Zain I do not know what to tell you”

“It is okay but do not delay because the rest came and you will know them”

Went out and let her prepare herself, and after a little time went to open the door but Zain did, looked at her in awe and whisper:

” My God “

“What do not you like?”

“Not even .. .. you are just beautiful”

Caught her cheeks in shame:

” Thank you “

Then I added:

“Zain must go to thank Harry because he defended me and if it were not for the census of the dead now”

“I do not think it will allow you to enter the room”

“I’ll just go”

I went and went to Zain to salute them:

” good morning “

” good morning “

Neil said with tension:

“What’s your Nile?”

A newspaper to read:

“The death of Robert and Timothy Black in a terrible accident where their bodies found a cut and doctors believe that by an animal can be a wolf, and the palace is closed until the last heir of the property of that family is Efronia Black”

” My God “

Liam asked:

” where is she ? “

“Will come now”

The newspaper signed from his hands and I bent down to take it and at that moment Iphronia was beside him.

Bowed to her Nile and said:

“Greetings, Your majesty I am Nile”

“Hi Nile I’m Everonia”

“I’m Liam”

“I am Lewis, you can call me, Louie, they all call me that name and I’m not connected to the occasion.”

Evernia laughed loudly and then said:

“I was honored to know all of you”

Then I looked at my hand and noticed the newspaper and it was only seconds away

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