Do not leave me a painful short romantic story

Do not leave me a painful short romantic story

What is the most beautiful love in life, it is a very beautiful feeling, what is nicer to live with whom we love and wish, but unfortunately do not give us life, everything we wish, and do not achieve us everything we want, perhaps the conditions and obstacles for those we love, The site of realistic stories, romantic story very sad entitled Do not leave me.
Don’t leave me

Do not leave me a painful short romantic story
Do not leave me a painful short romantic story

Manal loved him and his love of madness, did not see the unforgivable in her life, was everything in the universe, did not love others and do not know why?
But he is the only man who took her heart and mind and loved him madly, and wished to be with him and complete with her life, despite the difference in their standard of living and warning everyone to them that it does not fit with it and with its society is upscale, he is the son of atheism and live in the graves with the dead, The owner of funds and palaces

Manal was not satisfied with those things, and he spoke a lot and he forgave her colleague at the university, and I loved him madly, and everyone fought for him, and in order to be with him, everyone saw him as greedy and greedy, not loving her. He loved the money of her father the millionaire and the center of her father only. So, Sameh’s words about love and spinning were madly adored.

Sameh knew this well, and cast on her ears, the most beautiful words of love and grams, Manal was a great opportunity for her wealth and the companies of her father, was never beautiful, but was very ugly, and try to manage that ugliness, cosmetics and expensive clothes, Her beauty, but her spirit was beautiful and loved by everyone, she loved doing good and loving children.

And everyone treated her as a man, and not a female at all, with its features that tend to men more, but is its factor as a female full of femininity, the tyrant beauty and sedition, and was all his interest to admire and love him and agree to marry him, and I have achieved what he wished she agreed I loved him madly and fought everyone for him, and married him against their will.

Do not leave me a painful short romantic story
Do not leave me a painful short romantic story

The father accepted the real thing, so as not to grieve his only daughter, he knows how much he loves and wishes. Sameh won and lived in the Great Palace with Manal, who was like a fox. The evil serpent quietly withdrew and infiltrated the father’s work until he trusted him. For everything, and then gave birth to her two children.

Sameh did not praise his Lord and stopped his bad thinking, but made the father write him a general proxy, and sold himself everything, did not leave to the father or his daughter anything, and then took a humiliating Manal and humiliated in her home, and married to another beautiful, and faced that he hated and was borne by Money only, and now after receiving the money, does not want it launched.

She was a broken sad woman who came out of her family’s house and was broken after losing everything. The father died of cruelty and grief over his money. Manal got out of the house and cried cryfully.

She left for a foreign country and decided to leave everything behind her in the homeland. She left her two children and migrated, leaving cheating and deceiving her husband behind her. She decided to start there again with her children, and there I met him. He was as sad as his wife had deceived her. She loved her two children and he did not have children. He offered her marriage and agreed, after seeing her love for her children and decided to live and start again.

After years of her message from her husband Sameh, who is on his deathbed wishes to see his children and forgive him for what he did with her, his wife betrayed him with her lover and took all his money, and did not God by any children and suffered a serious disease and will die, Home Sawyer saw his children and asked her to let go and then died, leaving her the remaining fortune of her father.

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