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He does not care to kill dozens of people

He does not care to kill dozens of people in order to achieve the mission attributed to him by the British intelligence, but the magic of writing and the brilliance of the output show the secret agent as an actor of good and the investigator hopes for victory To the bad guys around the UK and the world too, is the character of the secret agent James Bond 007, which emerged more than half a century ago to become one of the most legendary characters in the world cinema, and from this day brings together lovers of cinema and adventure and beautiful women to admire this Which combines the imagination of literature and the charm of cinema and the temptation of fashion and the world of women.
Author James Bond is an intelligence man
The legend of the secret agent James Bond can not be spoken of without the inventor of the British writer and journalist Ian Fleming, who was born in a wealthy family in 1908. He was known for his childhood as a pupil, and in his youth he was famous for elegance and smoky smoking. He served in British naval intelligence during World War II Second, he participated in the planning of many intelligence operations, including the “minced meat” operation, a major espionage operation planned by British intelligence against the Hitler regime and played a major role in his defeat.
After the end of the Second World War Fleming left his intelligence career and went to Jamaica and settled there. He built a beachfront house and lived there until his death. In this sea-view house, the secret agent James Bond was written.

James Bond 007 The attractive hero who does not gripe

Fleming wanted to write a story about espionage as he had never written before, through his work in British intelligence, his personal experiences, the secrets he knew most, and his close knowledge of many of the real spies he met during his work. Casino Royale “has been a major success and announced the birth of the secret agent” James Bond “, and that novel has been embodied for two times in the big screen.
Fleming’s novels about the British secret agent were then published in 1966 to 12 novels and two sets of short stories, and became one of the best-selling fiction books, selling more than 100 million copies over the centuries. In 1964 Fleming died of a heart attack, James Bond is the world’s most famous and attractive spies.
After his departure, James Bond wrote a lot of authors such as Ames Wingsley, John Pearson, John Gardner, Raymond Benson and Charlie Higgson, but there is a consensus among critics that Bond’s true fame was achieved through Fleming’s novels.
Bond hugs Craig
The series remained in the hands of the British, where British actor Timothy Dalton inherited the secret agent 007 from Roger Moore and made only two films in the Bond series. They were not successful enough, To this day he has an unrivaled attraction, but his age has been a barrier to complete the performance of Bond, who has played in four films, most recently in 2002.

James Bond 007 The attractive hero who does not gripe

Daniel Craig is the current James Bond film star. He has starred in four films for nine years now. In 2011, he signed a contract with the Bond production company for five future films. If he does, he will have eight films Which means he will be smashed by Sean Connery and Roger Moore.
Fatenat Bond
Since the emergence of James Bond novels and the female element is an essential part of the work, which happened in the movies also, with the first film appeared many stars, but only a few of them have been able to stay in the public memory over the years, including Swiss actress Ursula Anders champion The first of the Bond series, which appeared alongside Sean Connery in “Dr. No” to become a world icon of excitement, and again participate in the film “Casino Royale”, and has always come from among the ten most exciting among the Bond stars rated critics.
The British actress Shirley Aiton was the second female Bond. She starred in Sean Connery’s film “The Golden Finger” and drew the admiration of critics and audiences. The British actress Jane Simmour was one of the most beautiful Bond stars and starred. In the movie “Live and let him die” in front of Roger Moore, but her beauty did not succeed to appear in another part.

James Bond 007 The attractive hero who does not gripe

French-born actress Sophie Marceau was one of the best-known actresses of the James Bond series. She starred in the film “The World Is Not Enough” in front of Pierce Brosnan. Halle Berry, an African-American Oscar-winning actress, , When Pierce Brosnan took part in the film “Met Another Day.”
Eva Green, the French actress, was chosen as one of the world’s most famous stars for her portrayal of the role of star in Casino Royale in front of Daniel Craig. The last Bond was not only one, but two different generations. The first was Italian star Monica Bellucci, “The Queen of Temptation” is the biggest acting actress in front of Bond over the course of more than 50 years, the second is the young French star Lea Sidou.
The James Bond series is not just a part of a legendary film about a secret agent that impresses everyone, but for more than half a century it has managed to form an Empire of Business. With every Bond film a pack of millions of goods are produced on the filmmaker, Sites that promote the commercial brands of products that appear in James Bond movies of watches, cars, accessories, shoes, video games, and even places where the scenes were filmed

James Bond 007 The attractive hero who does not gripe
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