Our story today is the story of the crow and the owl

The story of the day A beautiful story for children We brought you in this article through the site x007 Crow story and the story of the owl, short stories and fun Enjoy with us now Read this topic and follow us daily through exciting stories, hope you read fun and useful and leave you now with the story.

The story of the crow and the owl

Our story today is the story of the crow and the owl

Our story today is the story of the crow and the owl

One day, all the birds in the forest gather together to discuss a very important topic. Everyone came to the meeting place, the swans, the gums, the owls, the parrots, the peacocks, the pigeons, all the birds except the crow. They missed the meeting and could not join everyone. The meeting began in his absence for a long time.

The birds started talking about the king of birds and demanding Garuda. The king was always preoccupied with his subjects, he did not help them, he did not try to identify their problems, he did not cause any problems or fatigue for their benefit, so the birds felt that there was no need for this king who did not take into account his interests. He could protect them from any dangers, and began to talk among themselves, saying: “We have to choose a new king among us, and begin to search around them to find the king who really deserves this title.

Suddenly everyone looked at the owl and found that its features strong and fierce scare enemies because they have the ability to see at night and therefore can protect them from the risks, and agreed that all the owl is the king of the new bird who prepared a beautiful throne and beautiful queen of birds .. I was happy Owl this new post As soon as she was ready to climb the throne, the crow arrived and asked everyone what had happened and told him about their decision.

The crow smiled and answered: In my opinion, the crowning of the owl is not useful or useful for the blind bird’s owl that loses its sight day after day, and its face is ugly and not as beautiful as peacocks, pigeons or swans. I do not recommend crowning a queen owl.

The birds were affected by the words of the crow and I thought about his point of view. They felt that the words were convincing and logical. They changed their decision and came back and asked again about the importance of electing a new king. They have a king and all they need now is someone who protects them from enemies and risks and they say the crow is right. Now from this meeting.

“What is happening, why did not the coronation begin yet, and why did all the birds leave?” Here his wife answered, “I do not know why,” he said. “I think all this because of the crow has put an obstacle in the way of crowning and persuading everyone to stay away from us. The album grieved so much for this news and was disappointed and shouted at the crow saying: Fly away, you damned, you always seek to hurt others and hurt them today , My enemies are no longer friendly, and then there is no friendly relationship and said: “Why did I tell them in my opinion, and why did all my advice? “I will be in permanent enmity with the album, which is not an easy bird but one of the strongest birds.

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