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Serum lethal Part II

so what ?

Jassar looked at him with his fierce smile to lean on him, saying faintly:
I do not want you to know that he is the great head who killed him, before he took his soul, he admits that he is the great head of his righteousness.

Asim swung between his eyebrows without understanding, saying:
what do you mean ?
Jassar returned with his back to the back to smile with a sneaky smile:
I Haseb work in the section O Assem and open the company ….

Shook his head hopelessly trying to understand his friend to speak patiently saying:
Yagsar Mtvhmni thinking of eh …?

Jassar looked at him with a smile next to his mouth and then talked to speak a few words:
Before what the guardian dies Kali The great head Btaathm who signed a father because he was in the period Diat under one eye and one of the senior politicians in the country and a member of parliament
Father in the last period I noticed that all his interest in one person but ….

Asim closed his eyes eagerly to complete Jassar with his arm, saying:
Saif al-Din al-Qasim, Abuya was his job preoccupied with him, why sweet admit that I thought that Saif al-Din Deh, a hand in the killing of a father to meet him said that their victims and the poor will arrive in any way and father was the dam among them ….
Because this was necessary to be saved from him and what they did to him in his parents after what they failed they kill him

Asim asked him, saying:
They wanted the man Deh and my uncle was helping him?

Jassar looked at Asim from his teeth between his teeth:
Maradish says, all I knew from him that they are not Haysiboa the man in the case and felt that they want him Maarfosh only take him the meaning that the father was all his attention and occupy the man means the subject is not easy

Asim asked:
Medical and Hattooshowa How?
Jassar looked at him babblingly, saying:
He opened his bodyguard company, and one of it was not Bimchi Malt, and then it was your turn to stay
Asim raised his eyebrows in surprise, saying:
Cyclic …!!

Jassar took out the tobacco packet to get out of it to wrap it to put it with his mouth and then he started to ignite it to take a hunch and then he blew it up with his head,
Ioh, you can not convince me I have a guard but the first decision all need to answer, the information I estimated her pain and I in prison is not enough, I want to know every big and small

Assim tight between his eyes a little to speak quietly, saying:
Do you want me to do the worst?
Jassar looked at him with the same eye as he breathed his nostrils into his mouth to smile beside his mouth saying:

You run lightly in that goal for running, with every force that takes its breath with determination … Feeling sweat without worrying about tiredness or exhaustion
She wore sportswear made of white cotton sleeveless top with tight sleeves on her upper half, the white dress pants set on the sides with two pink threads, ending with her pink
Its rattles are dark brown, which match the color of her eyes perfectly … These tulips, which fill the ripples many to give her body “kerly” in the form of a ponytail constricted her hair follicles with a small pin at the top of her head

As soon as her feet crossed the finish line she jumped up with all her ease and she rejoiced with the joy of victory as her losing friend stopped leaning on her knees as she tried to catch her breath a little

She chanted intermittently as she adjusted her posture, saying:
Ermini time and fear …. Do your own

Karma, delighted by her smile, showing her soft cheeks with the long coffee mugs, smiled happily to reveal two neatly arranged teeth with the fine gap between the top row cutters

She went to her friend and sister to breastfeed to hug her cheerfully.
Maalash Ya Safaf Basti Elti, which united me
I took his rowing a little and she said:
Mashi Ya Siti after that Hanhram challenge the six generosity of the denominator

Karma took the shoulder of her shoulders as she happily drew her away, saying with her friendly smile:
Are you a Yabit exam?
She turned her green eyes up and she answered with a bang:
Yoh Ptkrini Pi Deloitte why? Oh God …

Karma laughed loudly as they sat on a bench in the garden of the club for a little rest to smile at her vine,
And my Lord, my daughter, what do I know is the name of the doctor, and its form is not a factor …

The two girls laughed hard to follow Safwah saying:
It is a single lecture and I was a late student who expelled me
The two girls laughed to talk to Karma, saying:
Let’s laugh like this and blow a hat in the midterm …

One of her eyes winked at her with a mischievous voice:
I wish you a beautiful, Hnvlh hate if God

Karma spoke with a murmur as she mumbled:
And how did you stay, mother of the corporal ..?

Rifat Safwa Bennha confidently complete:
He is not one but the one who asked him in the positions of De and Bengdni of them

Have mercy on my family …
Amr Benzek chanted to him, giving a notebook to his classmates, who chanted,
What is the salvation of Amr?

Loy Amr lips, saying:
His mother, my sister in the other, and God Mantua Hatnfouni need I know, a companion dropped two in the push and succeeded on the back

Karma chortled:
Allah, Allah, God, is what has been said

She said the camel to move she and Karma towards the car of the latter to climb both, while Amr shouted, saying:
It’s true that you have the right to take my job, which you want

The two girls moved the car behind them the guard car, Karma calmly stopped to speak quietly, saying that she was looking at the car behind her:
His uncle, Saif, is wearing a sword

Karma spoke narrowly:
I stifled God and all his life to keep them loyal to the extent of sincerity I can not bear …

They sighed as they united
W Reasonably:
Lih Haq Ya Karma Matnensh position with him and violin Inti at risk at any time and then Mana violin Zik Ahu Papa and Mama died and I am young and Jadu Deloqti I do not care I violin and waive today,

Karma looked at her, whispering in anger, saying:
De-living and the fall of God and the sun did not know Arif comfort, De-minus enter and Rai bathroom violin

She laughed loudly as she opened the notebook to get a look at what was inside. The two girls arrived at the Qasim villa to open the electronic gate wide enough to splash both cars towards the garage. The girls got out of the car to get out of the cell phone to call her grandfather to comfort him.

I spoke as she quietly swerved the villa behind Karma, saying with a small smile:
I am fine, thank God …. I am the gift of the day with Karma Asana and Rana Bakra exam and Henkrat with some …. Present Jadu …. Ok Mashi … With peace, my love Peace

Hamdallah on the peace
Saif al-Din shouted at him as he descended the stairs with a small smile. His youngster met him with his love smile as she hugged him.
God delivers you, Papa

She shouted to him with a smile of joy, pointing to him with her hand:
God delivers you, Amo your news …?

Saif laughed faintly as he answered the two girls towards the reception:
Praise be to Allah.

She nodded with a smile, saying:
Alright thank God and blessings on your presence

Sif smiled as he said:
God delivers him ….
To cross Karma, she rises to draw from his palm, saying:
Oh God, Papa Ntghdi I Jahana and Morna Mkkr much day I described it

Saif got up laughing and shouted to his class with anguish, saying:
Hamut and I know eating Deboh Fein … ??
She took Karma, paying her friend, and she said,
Hiroh Vin is not in the sewer

The expressions of the serpent sprang up and she tapped her shoulder lightly, saying:
Your shit is ruined
Karma laughed as she hugged her with one arm around her neck and moved her toward the dining room

She handed the paper of her exam, sighing with pleasure to turn his smile towards Safwa, which was waiting outside beside Amr, I went with her wide smile and she chanted with reassurance:
Thank god everything is perfect

Amr laughed, saying:
Of course, I have to be all of what I am unknown

She turned her eyes up to speak Karma with a yellow smile, saying:
Amr Entl Altolth Btsl in the Gabona Lea, worked the best of our Lord Hijazik it and Ahbo Biban did not expect the first to pay every year and if God is the year of the year as a violin year followed by the promise to stay and shut up

He exclaimed without believing:
Oh Ayal and Rabbana De Kchkoli I, treat me like this ..?
The two girls forced their lips to speak to Karma as she nodded to him with impatience:
I’m still hungry on the cafeteria

She said the camel to move everyone to fall on her eyes on two of her guard to puff in a tight, hesitant reluctantly:
Saberny Yaarab ..

The three of them sat on the bench around a small table. Karma looked from the bottom of her eyes to the table behind them to find one of the girls staring at Amr with a dream.
I looked next to him to find him staring in the void, returned to look at the girl, who was wearing large eyewitnesses squatting Csntha in the form of a cake down wearing jeans trousers wide and long topped with a shirt striped and was full of something

I smiled sadly and she saw the looks of her eyes towards her companion, I looked at him from the corner of her eyes,
The asshole only thinks of elegance, beauty and shining splendor and condones the hidden beauty in clothes worn out and most importantly is pure love emanating from the heart

I found the girl getting up and he was receiving his last look sad at Amr who does not give her a hand, Karma settled her order and then suddenly rose as she packed her belongings amid the questions of her companions,
My daughter Mashia?

Karma quietly spoke:
Ihave Iftekrt need to buy it for the Pope and spirit

She got up and said:
My salvation with peace

Karma nodded with her head to be raised on Amr’s shoulder.
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She was walking like usual in her own way, carrying a backpack with her hands in front of her chest and putting that hat on her head as she stared at the ground silently
Karma saw her from afar on charges of moving towards her, interrupted by one of the guards, saying protein:
Vinn, O Fendem?

Karma looked at him and said softly,
Be careful here two minutes I am here before you
She said to the camel to move Rkha chanting high:

Rakh stopped frozen to land to look behind her surprised to find Karma coming towards her with a mistake closer to the enemy Smiley, strained hard and I took the move away at a fast pace

She poked his vine between her eyebrows with surprise when I found her running away from her. Karma saluted with her hand as she prepared to run behind her:
Yapet Estee

She said to run quickly to catch up with her running guard behind her, she was able to catch up to stand in front of her and she gurgles hard to freeze the ground and she blows her breath warm
Karma’s guards stopped as soon as they stopped. Karma leaned on her knees to catch her breath, chanting with indignation:
Yapenti Inti Vicky Hail, who shows your body says impossible impossible to ask you

She turned to her body to look at Rahaf, who was shivering with her ears behind her ears to get away, but Karma stopped in front of her and put her arms aside. She said quietly with a small smile:
Can I speak with you?

Rahaf spoke with a stutter and her eyes revolve around the place:
A … I’m sorry but … I have to go … Bed … For your permission

But Karma stood in front of her, chanting with his smile and affection, saying:
No, I do not want to sit down and talk to some Oak

Rahaf looked at her with tension to lift Karma’s eyebrows as she smiled with a predictable innocence to light her head, lightly, to widen the smile of Karma, holding her from her shoulder with her arm to move.

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