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Stories of children tales of the world story of the daughter of the poor farmer and the ruler of the Kingdom

Stories of children tales of the world story of the daughter of the poor farmer and the ruler of the Kingdom

The story of the daughter of the poor farmer and the ruler of the Kingdom (a tale of the German heritage):

In one of the German villages there was a very beautiful girl, no one in her beauty. She lived with her father, the farmer. One day, she made a request to the ruler of the kingdom complaining of poverty and asking His Majesty to give them a piece of land for agriculture to spend their life and living. The father decided to give him immediately to the governor who gave them the piece of land, but the smart daughter objected to her father’s decision.

The father had already gone to the ruler of the kingdom to give him the golden mortar, and the governor rejoiced in the gift of the farmer very much. But he was furious when he asked the farmer about the mortar mortar and did not receive a response from the farmer so he ordered him to prison; a few days passed and the poor farmer to prison does not accept any food, as they put bread to find him as it is, surprised the guard of his order, and raised his complaint to the Governor, That a prisoner farmer does not eat “I wish I had heard my daughter, I did not know with all that intelligence.” The governor summoned him immediately to inquire about the story of his smart daughter, as he says, and when the poor peasant came to him and told him what had happened and what was not His daughter’s opinion

The governor responded cleverly to the girl, and decided to call her to make sure her father’s words were correct. She said, “It is very intelligent, so it is almost impossible.” The governor said to the smart young girl: “Can you come to me without clothes and not be naked, do not use a horse or even a cart, and do not go out of the way? I went home speeding to carry x After a few moments she left her house with her body full of ropes (she does not wear clothes, not bare), walking on the edge of the road with her fingertips (not riding a horse or even a cart) until she reached the governor and he watched her closely. The smart girl saved her father from prison and became the wife of the handsome ruler.

How to manage the ruler of the affairs of his great kingdom and the role of his smart wife:

Three years after their successful marriage, one day they fought two citizens and filed a complaint with the governor to spend the two. The first was a young boy with a small foal, but this small dowry preferred to stay under the second cow, making him believe that the young dowry was his right. That the dowry is the right of the second, and the boy was very sad

And decided to ask for the help of the Smart Queen, gave him the idea of ​​hell to reclaim his right stolen from him not to tell anyone about the owner of the idea so as not to cause problems; the next day the boy implemented the plan Court, a fishing net to throw it on the street during the passage of the governor The Governor asked him if he could give birth to a foal if I could catch a thicket from the street instead of the river. The governor denied him the idea and insisted on it and used many tricks and methods until he knew that the idea was his wife. He made her so angry that he asked her to To leave

Because of his great love for her, he gave her the right to take the most precious thing on her heart in the palace, so the wise wife thought of a trick, because the most precious thing on her heart was her beloved husband, so he invited him to celebrate with her before leaving and gave him a drink to take with her to her old house. From his sleep, he found himself in the house of the old peasant. He asked his wife about the mystery of his mysterious arrival. His beloved wife scooped up what she did, showing her motive behind all this. The governor marveled at his wife’s acumen and increased her love for her.

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