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Story of the rich and the seller

Love is the most beautiful feeling we may feel in our lives. When we have someone who is afraid of us, we feel as if we have the whole world. Love is stronger than any circumstances and it is said that miracles are done. What is nicer to find someone who does not complete his day without talking to us and reassuring us?

Story of the rich and the seller

Story of the rich and the seller

The story takes place between a young man named Abdul Rahman and a girl called Malak. Abdul Rahman was from a wealthy family and lived with his parents in a villa in Heliopolis. He came on 21/3, corresponding to Mother’s Day, and Abdul Rahman went to a beauty center to buy a gift for his mother , And when he entered, he met a very beautiful girl who was working in this center called Malak. She was the owner of a very poor family. Her father was an employee of a government company. She was a king working to help her father live. During their meeting, About the types and brands of cosmetics, and taking her opinion in many gifts.

The beginning of falling in love

The days went by and Abdul Rahman went back to the center and searched for a king. He did not find her and asked her about her colleagues. They told him that her father was sick. Days passed and Abdul Rahman returned to the center again because he wanted to see a king and found her. He told her that he had attended a few days before and did not find her. He asked her colleagues about her and he invited her to dinner. She agreed and said to him, “After that, after the work, he agreed, and indeed after the work was over, I found him sitting in front of the center. , And went to the Almtalm to eat dinner, and know each other and take Abdul Rahman to tell her about his work, and she She thought he was just a friend of hers and did not like her.
After the dinner, she took her to her house, but forgot to take her phone number. A few days later, Abdul Rahman went to the center again to ask her colleagues. They told her that her father had died, asked them to address the house and went to comfort her. After a few days, Abdul Rahman approached her to reassure her and to invite her to dinner. , She refused because there are family problems belonging to her family because of inheritance Linha and between her uncle, Vgt his problem, very wroth, and sent forth a lawyer to take the right of the property of her father, who introduced him to take the money for a lawyer, but Abdul Rahman refused, even won the case and took her right.
Applauding and happy marriage

Story of the rich and the seller

Abd al-Rahman met her a few days later and told her that I admire you. She felt ashamed and asked her to visit her mother and she agreed. During the interview, Malak was surprised that Abdel Rahman asked her mother for her hands. She was very happy and agreed with her and her mother. His father and mother, and told them about a king and said to them: I asked her mother from her mother, his father was angry that he took the step without returning to him, asked Abdul Rahman of his father to have lunch with him in a restaurant and agreed, and Abdul Rahman went with his family to the restaurant and sat, But Abdurrahman and some of them went abroad and had an agreement with the king that came without the knowledge of the people of Abdul Rahman.
And when the father and mother of Abdul Rahman Tfajao enter Abdul Rahman and with him a king, and told them that this is a king, and after they sat with her and spoke with her, they found that Abdul Rahman was on the right and agreed to this marriage and actually married Abdul Rahman and King and lived together life Happy and beautiful.

At the end of this story we must realize that love does not differentiate between rich and poor love is a noble feeling that anyone in this life can feel it, it is like the light that comes after the darkness of the night to illuminate our lives, so we hope you have enjoyed this story and be You may have liked it and waited for more romance stories.

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