The Curse of Angry Birds Stories Part

The man does not understand anything, but he knows that there is something strange and supernatural happening in his apartment, and that old man knows and continues today the story of the curse of Saleh in the site of stories Realistic.
The Curse of Saleh Part

The old man looked at me with dismay: Is your visit good, my son?
And here I looked at her surprised I do not understand what you are talking I said to her with tension:

What are you talking about and who is Saleh?

Yesterday, my son, I see this in your eyes.

Tell me who is in favor of this and what happens with the drug please, I felt there was something strange in the apartment yesterday

It’s good, and I have Saleh and his curse
“And who is this good, Madam?”
And here the old man looked at Khaled with admiration, as if he were coming from a world other than ours:
I sat down at the nearest seat of the door and closed the door of the apartment and sat down and then sat in front of me looking at me with a breath and then I took a deep breath and shook her head and then said: Did not Saleh know that he was the light brown boy who came from Upper Egypt?

To work with the harvester who is the finishing of that architecture and paint was working with construction and conch and paint was a good know in everything and trying to earn a lot of money from any work, to complete the dowry of his cousin, who was loving and wants to complete his marriage of them agreed with the owner of the architecture, All the work necessary for the architecture of finishing and conch and paint and give him the money of the Friday of his work in return for giving him the two blocks and the hall above the surface of the architecture has been approved and welcomed by the man was Saleh would save him a lot of money.
The flat above the roof was not complete construction from the foundation was the mercy of the many expenses and demands of workers whose wages have increased, but refused to write a contract to that agreement, and took Saleh works hard and actively asked him and handed to his weight to Aquarius The boy lost a lot of weight was And I love the help of others and everyone loved it until that day came, the badness, my son, fell Saleh from the roof of the architecture after he lost balance on that day is very cold and wind and signed in the light and he painted, I advised him not to work in this weather and the nucleus, He wanted to finish his apartment to get the bride and Matt died right away Immediately after falling to the head of the tenth floor.
But the people around him were advised to give the apartment money to his mother, but the people did not understand any money and any apartment. His parents came and took his body. Several days later, Saleh’s father came to demand a flat for a daughter. But the owner of the building denied that Saleh had anything. And that he would not waste the sweat and fatigue of his son Saleh had known everything and told him the agreement and apartment, and insisted the owner of the architecture of denial and lying, there was no paper and no contract so the father hit him with a stick strongly on his head hit him severely and opened his head, and sentenced to three years.

And from the beginning of the people of Amara see Saleh at night, go to ring them on the bell repeatedly and from the magical eyes find him standing drowned in his blood, did not open one of the door, they start to see in their homes at night and became frightening and terrifying in them, some of them left the architecture, The day that the owner of the building sold a good apartment over the roofs, the boy was beaten by his sweat and effort before his death.

He was waiting for the bride and the marriage. After the sale of the apartment, we were surprised by the new buyer. He and his wife screamed after midnight saying, “The apartment is inhabited, the apartment is not inhabited, you will not leave a favor in that building, after it was lost. , And from the day the man did not return to the apartment even to take his things and furniture of his home, he left in favor, and every day after midnight we hear the sound of television and the sound of a noise in a good apartment as if there is inhabited, but no one dared to approach the apartment to this day.
Here, Khalid sighs, saying:What is this injustice and why did not the owner of the apartment give him his apartment, and the spirit of his torment and I do not understand why?
I went to him, my son, to do but he is stupid and did not, and asked him this, and took him to give up the communication in the right of the royal father to lose his son after Saleh visited me and asked me to do the day but the man refused and expelled me from his house and insulted me and hit me And after two days was the revenge of God to him has died his children and his wife, after one of them opened gas on them while they were asleep and he was a traveler, and returned to find their bodies, that your Lord is not neglected and neglected, my son, and here Khalid looked at her wonder Is what the old man really says, Confused does not understand anything.
And at that moment opened the door of the apartment once, to enter the old man to the age of the house and looks at Khaled amazed, and here is a reminder Khalid that the owner of the architecture from which he bought the apartment he remembers him had seen before, stop Khaled, How are you Haj?

But the man did not resp ond peace, but shouted at him saying:

Who are you and how did you get into my apartment, you thief

Thief …

I am Khalid Hajjar Jarak from Cairo in the neighboring apartment ..And how I entered the apartment I do not understand
The old lady has opened to me.
Here the man fell to the nearest seat … He says in horror:
Any old man? How long will I continue to tell you that my wife died, she died and my children all, gas suffocation, do not you understand forgive me, Saleh, I know you are retaliating against me, my son and I deserved, and then the man fell to the ground .. And I stood stunned see the place of the old woman, My wife came back from the outside. The children screamed in terror. My wife looked startled. Everything in the flat fell on the ground and crashed on its own, and a big black cat staggered in a frightening way to frighten the soul.
And here the boys and my wife took us back to Cairo, we left all our belongings there and our clothes, all the things go to hell, we will not go back to that apartment
For Aouna again, and here Murad looked at a friend with an unbelievable incredulity what he heard but an opportunity and will not compensate, he said seriously:I sell the apartment, Khaled
Do you speak honestly, after all I told you, Murad, about the curse of Saleh
Yes, I do not believe those myths and words that have no scientific explanation …
OK, Murad, let us write the contract now so that you do not think of it, my friend.
A month later, Khaled’s mobile phone rang and he was on his way to work. Murad’s girlfriend talked to him and told him about the beauty of Alexandria and the apartment. He asked him to come and spend two days with the boys. There was no curses in the apartment. Khaled refused to go to Alexandria again because the children hated her and went to Marsa Matrouh. He bought an apartment there at an attractive price. On the way Khaled met Mohammed’s girlfriend and was sad. When Khaled asked why he was sad, he told him about the death of their friend Mourad a week ago. All of them in their apartment in Alexandria, suffocation and poisoning have forgotten They closed the gas at night and leaked to kill them all as they slept and here the phone fell from the hands of Khalid land, who was talking to him minutes, Is still the curse of Saleh chasing him and how to get rid of them, see?

If you have a story of horror or a strange situation happened with you, send us in the comments to find out what most frightens people.

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