The cursed cupboard is a very scary horror story for adults only

We offer you a new story from the site of real stories under the title of the cursed cupboard horror story very scary for adults only, and we tell the story of a wheelchair haunted by ghosts and forced her to do terrible things, we hope you like
The cursed cupboard

Rami and I claimed from a medium-sized family where my father works as a taxi driver, but our conditions are good and my family is good and we live in a good apartment and there was not much in my life, it is only my family, my work, my friends and Facebook where I spend my evenings searching and talking with friends.

The cursed cupboard is a very scary horror story for adults only

The next day I took my father and went to look for another one. Indeed, I found a wheel that looked nice and it was one of the furniture used. We went to the seller to know the price and we were very surprised. Very cheap than we expected, I took him joyfully.

I brought the cupboard to the house, put it in my room, arranged my things, then finished my meal and went to my room, as usual, to spend my night on the internet but suddenly I heard the sound of roads but this sound is not on my door. It’s inside the room Yes it comes from the new wheel, And the roads continued and increased, so I stopped to see what was happening in the light of the scouts and it shocked me that it was red eyes looking at me and cold in the room even though we are in the most summer but with stress and sleep grew and in the morning went to my work as usual.

I was all day remembering what happened at night and trying to find an explanation and I did not find my work impatiently until I came back to find out what had happened and actually entered my room and when I wanted to go to the wheel, the electricity was turned off and the atmosphere of the room turned into cold winter, I opened the wheel and was a child crying hard and his eyes Hamrawan and bald head and asked me to save his mother from the locker this wheel did not understand and when I tried to inquire returned electricity and disappeared child, but suddenly appeared that terrifying woman and I was asked to free her from this wheel asked her what the story told me she was wife And when he discovered his betrayal he and her friend locked her in the wheel, she and her child and threw the crows to keep her soul locked locked.

I did not understand what I could do. She told me that he helped me to free myself and my child and I took my revenge. I asked her how and I told her to bring her with a drop in her husband’s blood.

I took a date with her husband after telling him a fake story and there I anesthetized him and took him with my friends and told my family that I was in the hospital immediately left the house, and went to my room and the charlatan and wounded him and took his blood and cleared the wheel disappeared and the woman told me that he was imprisoned instead of them and even in retaliation asked me to break the wheel I did not want to tell them anything. Even when my father asked me about the wheel, I told him I had sold it and I did not want it anymore. I returned to my normal life as if nothing had happened.

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