The most dangerous five spies in the Middle East Part II

Israeli intelligence in Cohen saw a good spy project initially designed to work in Egypt, but the plan was soon amended, and the Mossad believed that the most suitable field for its espionage activity was Damascus. He began to prepare for his new role, and there was no difficulty in training him to speak the Syrian dialect, because he was fluent in Arabic by virtue of his aliyah in Alexandria and was a student at King Farouk University.

The Israeli intelligence services arranged for him to fabricate a fabricated story in which a Muslim named Kamel Amin Hajar and his family immigrated to Alexandria. His uncle then traveled to Argentina in 1946, where Kamel and his family were arrested in 1947. In 1952 his father died in Argentina with a heart attack and his mother died six months later And he remained whole alone there working in the textile trade.

Heba Salim

The full story of the most dangerous and the youngest Egyptian spy recruited by the Mossad
In 1965, after four years of work in Damascus, Cohen was revealed when a Syrian security vehicle was passing by his house. When it was found that Morse’s letter had been sent from the building where he lived, the building was immediately besieged. Security officers questioned the residents and found no suspects, and found no suspects in the building. But they returned and arrested him after watching the broadcast from the apartment.
Egyptian intelligence reports confirm that the discovery of the Israeli spy Eli Cohen in Syria in 1965 was done by cooperating with the Syrian intelligence and at the same time by pure coincidence. During his visit with military commanders in the Golan Heights, photographs were taken of him and his military commanders. (Where there was cooperation between Egyptian and Syrian intelligence at that time). They immediately recognized him because he was known to them because he was accused of assassination and sabotage when he was a member of the Zionist gangs in Egypt. In another narration it is said that it was by the Egyptian client in Israel Ra’at al-Jamal or Raafat al-Hijan.

Heba Salim

The name of a spy in the espionage world in the seventies of the last century … A girl who was not more than 30 years old, but classified the most dangerous spy recruited by the Israeli intelligence service, “Mossad”, to transmit information about the Egyptian army between the wars of June 1967 and October 1973.

Hiba received her high school diploma in 1968, after the “June setback” one year, and then insisted on her father to travel to Paris to complete her university education there, and collected university stands with a Jewish girl of Polish origin invited one day to visit her home, A group of young Jews.

In a Polish apartment, Hiba openly declared that she hated the war. She hoped that peace would prevail over the region. On another visit, her colleague shared a film about social life in Israel and the kibbutz life. She described how they are not human monsters as portrayed by the Arab media. They are people with a high degree of urbanization and democracy.

In the course of long meetings with Jewish youth and integration with them, Hiba was able to conclude that Israel is very strong and stronger than all the Arabs, and this is why she thinks of serving Israel, rejecting the money they gave her.

Then the most dangerous spy recruited by the Mossad was to recruit Lieutenant Colonel Farouk Abdul Hamid Al-Faqi, who was chief of staff of the Thunderbolt. After learning about the Mossad officer at the home of her Polish friend, she told him that she knew Al-Faqi.

I began to ask him about some of the information and secrets of the war, especially the sites of the new missiles that arrived from Russia, was boasting in front of the importance and speaks in the most accurate military secrets, and provides maps to further explain the details.

The officer of the Egyptian army, who no longer has reason to think, has blind obedience to serve his lover’s will, eventually becoming an agent of the Mossad. He managed to leak documents and military maps explaining the SAM 6 anti-aircraft missile launchers that the armed forces were seeking day and night To protect Egypt from Israeli raids.

The Egyptian intelligence succeeded in uncovering the order of the traitor and was arrested. In the interrogation, the traitor confessed in detail that his fiancée recruited him after spending a red night with her, and that despite his knowledge of many military secrets, he did not know that they would benefit the enemy. In full secrecy, he was quickly brought to the military court, where he was sentenced to death by firing squad.

Hiba was brought before the Egyptian judiciary to be sentenced to death by hanging after a trial in which she confessed to her crime.

Kibork Yacoubian

Or Isaac Kauchk was born in 1938 to an Armenian family and studied in Egyptian schools. At the age of 20, his father died and became the sole breadwinner. He stopped studying and worked on photography so that he could save money for his family. Although he did not complete his education, he spoke four languages ​​besides Arabic – English, French, Spanish and Turkish.

Was recruited by the Egyptian General Intelligence to cultivate it in Israel and was trained and prepared for a full year, which included circumcision since the Jews were circumcised and he was not and was given a new identity by the name of Yitzhak Kutchk, a Jew born in 1935 in Greece – and traveled to Brazil On the basis of the plan established by the Egyptian intelligence in April 1960 by sea and after his arrival in Brazil two months merged with the Jewish community in São Paulo and at the end of 1961 submitted to the Office of the Jewish Agency to apply for immigration to Israel was accepted and sailed from Brazil to Israel via Italy and Mi arrived DONC Haifa, in the middle of 1961.

After studying Hebrew in one of the kibbutzim, the Egyptian intelligence asked him to enlist in the Israeli army and was already recruited into the army

He was transferred to the Israeli army and trained to drive heavy transport vehicles at a military base in the Beit Nabala area near the city of Lod. He was then appointed a driver for one of the senior officers in the Civil Defense Command, Col. Shemaia Bekkenstein, and through his presence in the Israeli army, .
Yitzhak Kutchk was arrested after several years of working with the Egyptian intelligence services. During his trial, Yediot Ahronot described him as a huge whale who could not be apprehended by Israeli security services. The court sentenced him to a maximum of 18 years in prison and remained in prison for two years And on April 29, 1966, he was exchanged with three Israelis who had crossed the Egyptian border without permission, and they were flogging Hanukha and his son Samuel Hanukha and Udi Meir. Egypt requested the receipt of Palestinian Fedayeen with Yitzhak Kuchak, Hussein Hassan al-Hafani, Who were arrested in Israel, Aiqama to carry out a commando operation inside.

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