The story of an Egyptian servant became a celebrity during the reign of Sultan Fuad

The story of an Egyptian servant became a celebrity during the reign of Sultan Fuad I and the story of a Sultan who dreamed of being king that Sultan Fuad I of Egypt was the Sultan who hated the high door in Istanbul and the flesh of his servant Om Idriss that he dreamed of a dream that he would become king. In the event that he was appointed king of Egypt, his name and his image on his work in Egypt was actually hit the fleet of the Ottoman Empire or the high door in Alexandria and Britain declared the mandate of Egypt and became the Sultan Fouad King because Britain is its property and Egypt will be followed by the ownership also was the fulfillment of the reign of Sultan Fouad and issued Royal and printing pounds The Egyptian pound is worth about 100 thousand Egyptian pounds and its work is not a watermark, but it is also difficult to mention, and at this time it was in the Egyptian Sukuk Egyptian Real Estate was carrying the name of the Egyptian Sultan, Sultan Fouad Fouad, In this time, the price of the riyal is about one million US dollars, as it is very rare and its marketing name is the Real Riyal because the Riyal by the order of the King was canceled in the Egyptian Sukuk, then it is said that King Fouad I of Egypt He prepared a large lemma Determination of the princes Alepeshoat and Ahdahm riyal this last work in his reign Kasultan to Egypt, and he called the riyal honorary and in our time h cut only present in the castle museum and, unfortunately, so there are many currencies in terms of Msrimlunha people there but do not know its value antiques for the State Egyptian

In another story, he said that the prince would sit on the throne of Egypt. The prince was far from the throne because his brother, Sultan Hussein, was the Sultan. He took custody of his son, Amiralkemuddin, and Sultan Hussein died. He refused to take over the throne of Egypt and sacrificed Val to Prince Ahmed Fouad and verified the prophecy of Driss Al-Janini. Ahmed Fuad to Ganayni Vujdah pray and sat in Jowara until he emptied his prayers and accepted him and said to him accept God from you Idris you.
And then put the picture on the second Egyptian pound and pour the first pound in the era of Sultan Ahmed Fouad
The value of this pound was 7.43 grams gold.

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