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The story of love and destiny How fate plays with the hearts of lovers

We are happy to tell you today in this article through the site Ahlam beautiful new romantic stories full of wonderful really tell about the feelings of love and grams in a wonderful and very influential, the story entitled love and fate between life and death, lovers of romance and romance stories now enjoy reading this story that takes you A world of fantasy, beauty, romance, dream and more Follow us daily via: Short Stories.
He says that one day there was a pretty thin girl working in one of the famous companies, working in the field of tourism, and all her colleagues have had all the love and appreciation because she was diligent and committed and successful and good with everyone, but it was an introversion of some thing, And sitting alone and concentrating in her work, but this did not prevent people from knowing the extent of excellence and good heart, and lived this beautiful girl throughout her life has never associated with any young man, unlike all of her colleagues at work, and this has caused them constantly, they felt that it is different from them all.
And there was a colleague working in the same company, he was always trying to get closer to them, and over time grew a very strong friendship between them, and this morning noted this young man that his beautiful girl Abasa asked her why the grief told him the cause of her grief that it is still until this time at the age of The twenty-fifth is not connected to anyone in his life, and she feels that she is alien to her world where she lives. All the girls around her are happy and connected to good people, and there is no one else left without a person in her life who shares her successes and joys.

The young man smiled and said to her, “I understand you and I feel you well. I always think that I am the only young man who has never thought of associating all his life, always listening to the stories my colleagues tell about the girls in their lives. I feel strange and different. Their mind is the same idea at about the same time, preceded by the talk, saying: Do you risk what you thought of? She tried to hide her laugh and she said: Yes, what do you think we should do this? His enthusiasm increased. He answered: “Certainly, now we curse all our colleagues that we are connected and show them the beauty and magnificence of the relationship that brings us together to appear in the form of lovers in front of everyone, and we continue in this game for only a week.

The girl laughed as she answered: “So my problem is in front of my colleagues and I do not feel embarrassed or dissimilar afterward.” He laughs. “I can also say that I have had a violent love story in front of everyone, so I get rid of the ridicule and ridicule of everyone who knows me. They agreed to immediately start acting as a sweetheart. The young man took her to a beautiful romantic place on the seashore to show people how much love, understanding and happiness they shared.

The story of love and destiny How fate plays with the hearts of lovers

The next day she took her to see a beautiful romantic movie in the cinema and then they dined together in a wonderful place, and asked her for coffee, and there was a fortune teller in the place reading the cup, approached them and offered them to read the cup which increased their enthusiasm and accepted it immediately, The coffee cups said to them in a sad voice: “Enjoy every moment you live. Do not split up and do all your energy to maintain happiness and special moments.” He left them and went without asking for money or saying anything else.

At the end of the week, the two young men agreed that they would meet until they decided together. What would happen in the next few days? On the scheduled date, the girl sat waiting for the young man for a long time but he did not come. I was very worried about him. He never gave her a date. The phone was closed, so I decided to leave the coffee shop and go home. The time was late and I felt very upset.

Once the girl came out of the coffee shop until she found people talking about a young man who had a very painful accident a little while ago, she felt something close in her heart that made her ask these people passionately about the specifications of this young man and took her heart beating hard as she listened to the specifications that matched the specifications of her completely fake boyfriend .

A telephone call came to her and she answered with trembling fingers and a trembling voice. I knew from the caller that her boyfriend had been taken to the hospital. They called the last person I had to contact him, and she was. The girl rushed to the hospital and collapsed and asked the doctors about his condition. He said: We found this with the late when he was moved .. She collapsed crying and opened the answer is not certified what is happening, and was trying to open her eyes so that she can read the last words left in this speech.

For the first time I felt that she had a true love in her heart, and I also discovered through the lines of the answer that his soul had been attached to her in the course of days, and that he also felt her love, and wished to complete his life with her. He also told her in his answer that he wished very much to give her this answer and admit her love but he was afraid to reject it, the girl rushed to his room despite the attempts of nurses to prevent it, and approached his bed and lifted his face cover and scream: I also love you, I wish so much that these days do not end To stay with you, I wished we would stay together forever .. But unfortunately the time was up Too much.

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