True and true love stories “I will fear God so as not to deprive me of you”

It is a story of the utmost splendor, bearing the highest meanings of love, loyalty, loyalty, failure to break promises and covenants and not break the trust of others.
Love Story Online:

“Saha” is a Palestinian girl who traveled with her family to a safe place that does not know the identity of wars and does not hear the sound of bullets leaving all that they have behind them for a safe life. Soha is a religious girl, , So all her friends are girls, but her goal in life is to someday become a doctor to treat the wounded.

The beginning of the story of love:

True and true love stories "I will fear God so as not to deprive me of you"

She and her friends talk about love and how they feel about their loved ones. Soha rejected the friendship requests from young people and added girls only. One day, a young man sent her a request for friendship on behalf of a girl. She accepted the request and spoke to her as a religious and educated girl. She loved her a lot, told her about her family, what happened to her, what she had in life, and she discussed it in religion and politics.

Day of Recognition:

One day, the young man decided to admit the truth; he said to her: I am not a girl. I am a young man who studied at the medical school, and Mazen, when I first sent you the request, and I was quick to reject him. I decided to send you a request on behalf of a girl, I asked you, “Mazen,” I will leave you some time to make my decision and I will respect your decision. “” I do not want to fall in love with you. , And if something moves inside, but her mind is confused, and do not know what to do, all you think that it betrayed the confidence of its people with a relationship And as for Mazen, all you know about him is that he is a religious and educated young man. I learned a lot from him about matters of religion and politics, and he urged her to diligently study her to achieve her goal.

It is time to make the fateful decision:

She decided to remove him from her page, but she could not delete it, and she felt something burning inside her whenever she wanted to delete it. So she decided to treat her like her brother. Mazen asked her about her decision. She said to him: “She loves him like her brother.” But for me, you are my love forever, and if you are not for me, I will not marry anyone else. The subject is difficult for Saha. She confessed to him what was inside her, but she feared God and did not want to betray her people’s trust in her.

The beloved promised to his beloved:

I promised him that she would be her first and last love, and that she would not marry another woman after realizing her dream, but she would delete it from her page, respect her decision, and promise not to bother her to realize her dream. They go to the hospital for practical training, and here comes the surprise group, “Saha” in the training to Dr. “Mazen.” After the explanation, Saha leaves with her group, but forgets the lecture kashkul in the training lab. Mazin reads the name. In the lab to prepare her kashkul but she did not come, wait for her the next day and b He came to do, “Suha” to take the Filter Results, which is seen not lost sight of her eyes and “Suha” surprised by his looks to it and calls Palmjnon.

Fulfillment and sincerity:

“Mazen” to her house, and if the next day the doorbell rings with his family to her speech, but “Saha” refuses and does not accept him, as she does not want to marry anyone other than the one promised him, asked “Mazen” from her father to talk to her, “Mazin”: I am Abiti to talk to him so as not to betray me the confidence of your family, so astonished “Saha” did not believe herself, and could not talk and “Mazen” ask her and say to her: Do you accept marriage to me, O Soh ?, Fahmr her face if she points her head to express her consent .

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