Very scary and terrifying horror stories that you do not read at night

Social networking sites have spread tremendously in our society. We know people and friends from all over the world, but what will you do if you find out that these friends are not them, but other people? I present you with terrifying stories on the site of real stories called horror stories. .
The first story

“Do not tell them about it or you will kill me.” This was the sentence that she sent to me on the chat, after I knew her truth and that she was not my friend whom I used to talk to every day. Yes, I never saw her, but I know her way of writing and her style. It turns out to my heart that I am talking to someone else, not “Dina” my friend, I have written a strange word, I did not understand its meaning.

Very scary and terrifying horror stories that you do not read at night
Very scary and terrifying horror stories that you do not read at night

I started asking her about some of the things that we talked about before, but she was confused and answered wrongly, I was sure of the truth from the fact that this is not my close friend on Facebook at all, but who is happening to me, I do not understand, did anyone steal their page, I wrote to you who are you?

You are not a religion I know and I will tell everyone, has stolen the page or killed my friend, after a little was the reply and sent me that strange picture of two young children and then the message was strange,
I’m not your friend’s friend, Mona, but I’m her twin brother Zia. Have you ever traveled from one time to another?

O disaster went to another place I do not understand what happened to us have evaporated?

I have made her travel to a distant place and will never be able to return from it I have to avenge her for what she was doing with me.
I took a look at the letter times and times I can not believe what her brother Zia wrote. What did he do with her fat? What did she do with him? She hated her in that way. I really do not understand.

The subject is serious and I wrote to him with tension:

I will tell everyone …
He wrote that sentence:
“Do not tell them about it or you will be killed.” Now I do not know, will Zia know this idiot, my way, and what about the other friends I’ve known for years now on Facebook? What if they have a brother, others want revenge on their sisters?
The second story

It was really a busy day for me, I came back from work late I feel tired, tired and desire to sleep I could not complete the horror film I was watching Unfortunately, sleepy control I can not open my eyes, I decided to go to bed, to relax and go to sleep , My room is located at the end of the second floor of the house, isolated from the rest of the rooms.

I do not like the nuisance and noise of my younger sisters. I grew up in my bed like a dead man, but there is something strange. I do not understand that there is a loud breath in the room. Yes, one of them breathes in my room. I am sure. For nerves, what a disaster for this?

It is perhaps my breath, my God, that fatigue and desire to sleep make me fancy things, well, I must calm down and stop these trivialities, just illusions and nothing else. I know, my God, what is happening. I do not know how much I’m going to be so tired, I’m sure it’s my breath and nothing else, but I want to make sure only that my tired heart relaxes, my mind stops thinking, I do not lie to you I feel a little bit of tension and anxiety pounding Kayani.

My heart is silent for a moment, and I am deaf to hearing with concentration, what a disaster it is. It is true that the sound of breath is still in the room, it grows more and more and accelerates, rises and falls very slowly, as if you are telling me that I am here. right Now ?

I did not deny that, paralyzed my movements for minutes and I think about it, and I could not move from my place as if someone would tie me to the mattress, would I stay so forever I have to move maybe he was a thief and will kill me, after minutes I can not bear to risk it my life, Unfortunately one is not for me and as fast as I have I got out of bed and ran to the room of my mother and father.

My father came quickly, trying to reassure me that he was delusional, because of the horror film I had seen before going to sleep. My father entered my room with care, lifting the lid from the bed, but strangely enough, he did not find anything strange below. I only brush my blood, which I hate and have promised me, my uncle, on my previous birthday.

But from the status of this damned doll here and see what this strange sound and breaths of those I’ve heard a little while ago, Willie I was fancy at the time I do not know I do not know but why the breath still hear, every day when I go to sleep and why chasing me, does anyone know I do not I know what is happening to me, but I feel like something evil is waiting for me.

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