What is the secret of the golden king and his dagger with the creatures of space?

Scientific studies have confirmed that one of the uncertain Daggers Pharaonic King Tutankhamun found in the tomb stone of the ground is not likely that the planet and with big-to- studies show that he has made an iron meteorite came from outside the ground.
“Our study confirms that ancient Egyptians gave great value to the use of meteorite iron in the manufacture of valuables and some weapons of kings,” Egyptian and Italian scientists said in a recent study.

These scientists carried out an x-ray examination of the dagger at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Tutankhamun, known as King of the Child, died in 1324 BC at the age of 19 after spending only nine years in power.

What is the secret of the golden king and his dagger with the creatures of space?

Unlike the tombs of other pharaohs who were looted and almost all of them stolen, the tomb of Tutankhamun, discovered by the British scientist Howard Carter in 1922, contained 5,000 sound objects of 3,300 years old and considered to be one of the most important treasures in the world.

Among these treasures is the golden mask of Tutankhamun, which weighs about 11 kilograms and fascinates Egyptologists around the world.

The researchers said that the presence of iron, together with rates of nickel and cobalt, “strongly indicates an ungrounded source.”

Carter found the dagger in the right thigh of Tutankhamun in the linen rolls wrapped around the mummy, according to the authors of the study.

The results of the study were similar to a 2013 survey of a 5,000-year-old Pharaonic cemetery in southern Egypt that showed metal artifacts made of meteorite iron found, according to a research paper published on May 20 in the journal Meteorology and Planetary Science.

Archaeologists, who presented the latest study, pointed out that “the ancient Egyptians gave great value to the meteorite for the production of forms used in decorations or in ceremonies.”

The study pointed out that the large craft in the dagger industry and its blade compared to other simple metal effects form contains “great proficiency in ironwork in the era of Tutankhamun“.

The term used in the 19th Dynasty, which ruled after Akhenaten, refers to “stones of heaven” according to the literal translation.

“The introduction of the new composite term suggests that the ancient Egyptians were aware that these rare pieces of iron fell from the sky,” scientists say in the new study.

But Mahmud Halouji, the former director of the Egyptian Museum, who took part in the study, said he could not confirm with certainty whether the ancient Egyptians knew clearly that the iron was part of a meteorite.

“We do not want to go to other angles, for symbolic or religious issues, there were rocks available and man was using them,” Halouji said.

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